05 Nov 2015
Gill Pemberton at Denby


Finding great designers, makers and manufacturers is easy because there is so much talent in this country. You don't have to look very far to find someone who's work you love.

This was a big key in the Dapper & Frill door, to connect on an aesthetic level is with someone else's work.
 We didnt have to look to far from home for our first designer, because shes already in the family!

 Aunty Gill as we know her is Gill Pemberton, whos ceramic designs for Denby in the1960's and 70's are held in the V&A. She was head designer at Denby for many years and created memorable and collectable designs for them. 

Having admired Gills work for many years, it was so exciting when she agreed to work with us. We started collaborating straight away with Gill and she had a large collecton for us to work with. Initially we looked into recreating some of the stunning ceramics she had first designed in 1950!

We initially worked on her origional stacking mug and visited Stoke on Trent to look for manufacturers who could help us with our collection. 

The ceramics collection will be coming soon.

Available now are Gill's fab designs translated onto fabric and made into cushions and lampshades.

To find out more about Gill take a look at her Facebook page click here

Plus click here to take a look at a lovely blog called Retro Pottery Net and an interview with Gill. 



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