15 Feb 2016


We love Great Britain, it is a hugely creative place with a distinct and individual style and a wonderfully rich heritage. We have many designers and designer makers developing beautiful products, keeping alive the making skills and taking pride in the quality and process. 

Dapper & Frill designs premium lifestyle accessories & collaborates with talented British designers and makers. Our stylish & unique product range is influenced by the strong design values from our English design heritage and the compulsive pull that colour brings. We champion British manufacturing and can tell you where every one of our products has been made in the UK and who made it too!

As you can see we love good design, great quality and fabulous colour so this is what we aim for in our collections…
.One of our big aims is to encourage other designers in their making and creating process, so our connections with other creative people is very important to us. When they want to work with us, it gets even more exciting!

We would love to become a showcase for the excellence of British designers and their work. 
Our product range is  unique as our exclusive designs are developed through the process of collaboration with our designers. Click here to view our latest designs.

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